Off-season Update

Tired of the off-season yet? Well, there’s only two weeks left until the start of the new season. In the meantime, here’s the latest in the world of Ana Ivanovic.

  • This past Saturday, in a interview with the Australian newspaper The Herald Sun, Ana discussed her relationship with Adam Scott and coach Nigel Sears. Ivanovic admitted that this is the best she felt in over three years, believing that she finally has the right team around her committed towards her success. Ana also believes she has what it takes to get back to the top again, now that Nigel Sears is at her side. “I really feel now that with Nigel, with his trust and commitment, I can get there.” Nigel isn’t the only man who Ana is leaning on. She also believes the support of her boyfriend Adam Scott can be really beneficial to her game. “Adam has been really helpful for me. In the last few years we’ve both been through a lot and he’s now getting back to the top. He can help me with advice and support to get where I want to be.”

Ana also talked about what it’s like to be with Adam off the court.

“I like the relaxed, laid-back Australian mentality. And I also feel like he’s very helpful around the house. When we’re together he offers to do things and help – much more than Serbian men would. He hasn’t cooked yet … but he has promised to make me a dish.”

The interview for the Herald Sun was very intriguing, as she opens up about her breakup and reunion with Adam, her struggles these past couple of years, and even admitting that she felt guilty with the attention she received while not playing well. Check it out. It’s worth a read.

  • In another interview for the Daily Telegraph, Ana stated that women tennis players need to relax more. According to Ana, men tennis players hang out together more off the court and are more friendly with each other, thus more relaxed. Ana said:

“Maybe we (women) would perform much better if we could relax a little more and let it go. The thing with men’s tennis is that it’s set up a bit differently and I feel it’s more relaxed. They just don’t seem to stress about the small things. That might also be a difference between guys and girls generally. Girls take everything so personally. Everything is more emotional for us.”

Ana also confirmed that she is best friends with Sorana Cirstea. Lot more quotes in the link above.

  • Ana’s website revealed new pics from a recent photo shoot Ana did for Rolex. You can check them out here. I think they’re fantastic. They didn’t glam her up, no overuse of makeup or photo shopping. Although, her boobs aren’t as big as they appear in the 3rd pic. Not that I’m complaining. Natural Ana is the best Ana. Anybody doing photo shoots with Ana in the future, please take note.
  • 18 of the 30 most googled female athletes in the world during 2011 were tennis players. Ana was #8 with 12,300,000 searches.
  • This week, Ana took time to answer Facebook questions from her fans.
  • Finally, check out this awesome year end video from the WTA featuring Ana and several other women tennis players. Well done, WTA.
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  1. soko says:

    I thought that she is smarter 😦

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