Scott Byrnes no longer part of Team Ana


It’s been confirmed by Matt Cronin that Ana Ivanovic is no longer working with fitness trainer Scott Byrnes. The news was first reported by Miguel Seabra earlier today, and then became apparent when Scott Byrnes was no longer listed part of Ana’s team on her website. According to Cronin, Scott Byrnes left Ana’s team earlier this month. Reason as to why is not known.

Scott Byrnes rejoined Ana’s team this past July, and was her fitness trainer from mid 2006 through mid 2009. It’s a shame that they’re no longer together because he was a great fit for her. No word yet on who will replace him. In the meantime, I think it’s very unfair for people to jump to conclusions as to why the two split. Nobody knows what was the reason behind it and who’s decision it was. So to jump all over Ana is just ridiculous, imo. It’s not exactly the best timing with the season less than two weeks away, but she still has Nigel at her side and I’m still confident 2012 will be a good year.

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One Response to Scott Byrnes no longer part of Team Ana

  1. nyanafan says:

    Hmm, I don’t like this very much. I’m not blaming Ana or anyone but why hire Scotty back just to let him go so soon again?

    The one thing Ana needs that she doesn’t have is stability surrounding her. Now there’s one more piece of the puzzle that needs to be replaced. Why she can’t keep a fitness coach (or any coach, for that matter) around for very long is beyond me considering she’s always talked about as being one of the most pleasant people on either tour to work with.

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