2012 Schedule Breakdown

The 2012 season is less than two weeks away. Yesterday, Ana’s website revealed her schedule for the new year. It should be noted that the schedule is subject to change as the season progresses and more tournaments will be added during the year. Below is what is currently her schedule as of now and the points Ana has to defend at each event:

Brisbane  (0 points)

Syndey (0 points)

Australian Open (5 points)

– Doha (0 points)

Dubai (0 points)

Indian Wells (250 quarter finals points)

Miami (140 4th round points)

Madrid (5 points)

Rome (70 2nd round points)

French Open (5 points)

– Eastbourne (60 2nd round points)

Wimbledon (160 3rd round points)

Notes: Ana was not awarded any points for playing Hopman Cup since it is not an official WTA event. Hence, she has nothing to defend the first week of January. Ana did not play Sydney last year due to pulling out with an abdominal injury and lost in the 1st round of AO. Therefore, she has nothing to defend all of January. Ana does have 70 quarter finals points to defend in early February. As of now, she has no event on her schedule to replace those points (all though Pattaya points really don’t factor much into her current ranking so losing those won’t be a big deal). Ana also has 130 semi finals points to defend in June right after Roland Garros.

As you can see, Ana does not have much to defend in the first half of the season. This gives her a great opportunity to imporve on her ranking with so few points to defend. A good start to the season and a good clay season where she has historically done well could really vault her up the rankings. Ana is currently ranked #22, with majority of her points coming from the 2nd half of the season.

Speaking of the 2nd half, no word on what events will be on her schedule yet, but you can be assured she will be playing the Olympics in London and Cincinnati in August. The big question is, does she play Montreal in August after what happened between her and the tournament director Eugene Lapierre back in 2012, when Ana was denied a wild card and how the whole situation went public to Ana’s dismay? Ana has given no indication on what her plans are. My guess is that she’ll put it behind her and ultimately play, but who knows. She did win the title there back in 2006, so the event does mean something special to her. Also, will Ana play any of the events before the Olympics such as Stanford or San Diego? It’s highly unlikely that she plays both like she did this year, but she could play one. My bet is that she stays in London with Nigel after Wimbledon and prepare for the Olympics which will be played at the All England Club. After missing out on the Olympics in 2008 thanks to a thumb injury, you know Ana is going to want to give it all she has this time around and prepare as much as she can for it.

Also, no word yet on what Ana’s status is for Fed Cup.

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One Response to 2012 Schedule Breakdown

  1. nyanafan says:

    I sure hope Ana plays Montreal this year as I might be going to the tournament!

    Also love how much ground she can make up early in the year, especially the first two months. The biggest concern is her health at this point. Towards that end, I hope she finds a new trainer soon.

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