Ana Readies for Australian Open with Adam Scott


Ana is busy preparing for the Australian Open, training on the practice courts of Melbourne Park with coach Nigel Sears. But Nigel isn’t the only guy with her at practice. Boyfriend Adam Scott came along today to support his girlfriend. Adam is no stranger to tennis. An avid fan, he admits to playing tennis himself during his off time and even plays against Ana. He even mentioned playing tennis on his facebook page a couple of days ago:

I’ve spent a bit of time playing and watching tennis, and of course the Australian Open is about to start, so there is more tennis viewing on the agenda. Tennis viewing is in, tennis playing is now out……The better my forehand gets the more I draw the golf ball, so coach Brad has decided that the forehand can wait!

Hmmm…wonder where he could have possibly learned that forehand from? He said he has even aced Ana a few times. Is it possible we can see these two play a practice set against each other? Just one? I personally would pay to watch.


Meanwhile, Nigel is busy coaching Ana up for her real opponent, Lourdes Dominguez Lino, who Ana will face on Tuesday. Hopefully, they have worked on the things that gave Ana problems in her last match, exactly one week ago today against Lucie Safarova in Sydney. Need to make those improvements to make a run here this and hopefully next week.

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