If Ana loses, but nobody see’s it, did it actually happen?

As I noted earlier this week, Doha has never been a particularly kind place to Ana. She has never won consecutive matches here, and that continued this week as Ana disappointingly went out to Petra Cetkovska in straight sets, 6-4, 6-4. There was no streams, and based on this pic that Kfish_WTA tweeted, there were hardly anybody in the stands. Since nobody really saw the match, it’s difficult to really assess how Ana played, so we can only imagine, and I am going to imagine that this match never happened.

Ana really struggled with her serve today, getting broken four times, even though it felt like it was more than that. She only won 31% of points on her 2nd serve, and when your 1st serve percentage is only 57%, then you’re going to have difficulty holding your serve. On top of that, Ana was 2 for 8 on break point opportunities. So going off of those stats alone, it wasn’t a good performance.

This is the 2nd straight loss to Cetkovska, who also defeated Ana at Wimbledon last year. This is after Ana doubled bageled the Czech during the 4th round of the 2008 French Open. Cetkovska came into this match not playing her best tennis however, which makes this loss even more disappointing. Petra is not becoming too popular with Ivanovic fans after these last two defeats.

For Ana, it was another opportunity missed. With no points to defend and a draw opening up with many of the top seeds falling, Ana could not take advantage. A win today would have gotten Ana to #16 in the rankings and back in the top 15 for the first time since 2009 if she had made the semi’s, which was a realistic possibility. Now, she is stuck in neutral, in the same spot she has been in for of most the past 15 months. She’ll head to Dubai next week, which is her last tournament before Indian Wells. Lets hope she’ll fare better there than she did in Doha.

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