Ana Shines at Pre-Wimbledon Players Party


Last Thursday, on the eve Wimbledon, the WTA players gathered in London for the annual pre-Wimbledon players party. Ana looked as elegant and beautiful as always. Overall, I liked the dress and her hair. While I prefer her style from the 2008 and 2009 occasions, I thought the look was an vast improvement over 2010 and 2011. I did not like the Snooki hair from 2010, and whatever they did to it last year. Once again, Ana was wearing Matthew Williamson, who she has worn for the past few years. Video of the event can be seen here, courtesy of the WTA.

The video above is an interview Ana did for SkySports at the party. In it she reveals that if she wasn’t playing tennis professionally, she would maybe be an investigator. Now that’s something I have never heard from her before, or ever thought I would hear from her. That totally came out of left field, and it made me chuckle. When asked about her thoughts of Andy Murray chances of winning Wimbledon, Ivanovic replied; “I think he can. I hope for him. He’s such a nice guy, so I really hope he can do well.” Murray is the boyfriend of Kim Sears, the daughter of Ana’s coach Nigel Sears. Ana also reveals that besides avoiding stepping on lines, another superstition of hers is using the same shower in the locker room as she used before, after a win. Aside from tennis, Ana enjoys watching basketball and volleyball. No word on if she has ever watched the NBA, but hopefully she isn’t a Heat fan like every other tennis player seemingly is. It’s a nice and fun interview. Watch it for yourself above.

FYI, Ana wil be playing her first match today at Wimbledon against María José Martínez Sánchez. The match will not start before 5:00 PM London time, which is noon EST. Court has yet to be determined, but you can be assured that there will be a stream.

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